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InnoEnergy is the European company dedicated to promoting innovation, entrepreneurship and education in the sustainable energy field by bringing together academics, businesses and research institutes. InnoEnergy is one of the investors in Elestor BV. Open website »

Enfuro Ventures

Enfuro Ventures invests in companies which are active in the field of sustainable energy. Enfuro was founded in the summer of 2013 by Erik Schut and Ruud Rijbroek, two experienced entrepreneurs, who want to seriously contribute to the transition to sustainable energy. Enfuro is one of the investors in Elestor BV. Open website »

Koolen Industries

Koolen Industries is all about smart energy. Imagine renewable energy always being available. Whenever and wherever you need it. Reliable and safe. Made possible by ingenious software. That’s what we call smart energy. As Koolen Industries, it is our mission to enable everyone to contribute to the energy transition. By using energy from the wind or the sun. By making sure it is there, whenever you need it. By providing you an autonomous life, independent of the grid. Or by sharing and trading energy with others that want to contribute to a better world too. »


Fraunhofer ICT

Coordinated by the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology, and funded by the European Union’s Marie-Sklodowska-Curie programme, in the research network »FlowCamp« (MSCA-ITN-2017- 765289), 15 PhD students develop materials for next-generation redox-flow battery systems. Prototypes developed in the project will be tested using the cutting-edge facilities of the German-funded (19 million €) RedoxWind campus at Fraunhofer ICT. Open website : »

Energy Storage NL

‘Energy Storage NL’ interconnects enterprises, knowledge institutes, government and financial institutes, in order to support creation of sustainable business cases for energy storage, which contribute to a successful transition to a clean, reliable and affordable energy supply. Open website »

Rijksdienst Ondernemend NL

The ‘Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (’ stimulates the Netherlands with sustainable, agricultural, innovative and international enterprising, by means of subsidies, identification of business partners, knowledge and to comply with laws and legal instructions. Open website »

Groene Groeiers

Wij zijn ondernemers in Nederland die op een groene manier willen groeien. We willen niet alleen natuur en milieu zoveel mogelijk ontlasten bij onze economische activiteiten. Als het even kan, willen we met ons product of onze dienst ook bijdragen aan een betere en leefbare wereld. Open website Groene Groeiers »

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