Guido Dalessi, CEO

Graduated in Physics (1986), Guido Dalessi started his career in R&D of laser based measuring equipment. In 1996, he joined a high-tech startup, which developed high-tech equipment for optical disc production. As Director Sales & Marketing, Guido initiated the international business activities, established a sales and service network with global coverage, and headed local branch offices in Singapore and Los Angeles.

In 2004, the company was acquired by the public listed Singulus Technologies AG, after which Guido was promoted to Executive Vice President. Two years later the company acquired its main competitor and Guido Dalessi was appointed CEO, where he managed the merge of both enterprises into Singulus Mastering BV. In the 8 years that Guido held this position, the company became global market- and technology-leader in its field.

Guido Dalessi joined Elestor in May 2015, and is also one of the investors.

Tel: +31 (0)6 53 729 759

Wiebrand Kout, Founder & CTO

Wiebrand Kout founded Elestor in 2014 to fill the need for large scale, ultra low cost electricity storage. In his career, Wiebrand has pioneered three hydrogen electrochemical systems: the PEM fuel cell, the electrochemical hydrogen compressor and the Elestor HBr flow battery. Prior to founding Elestor, he served as COO and lead designer at HyET, where he co-developed the first electrochemical hydrogen compressor capable of reaching 1,000 Bar in 2013. Today these noiseless hydrogen compressors are considered for use in hydrogen refueling stations by Shell Hydrogen.

Wiebrand started his career in 1999 at NedStack Fuel Cell Technology, where he headed the mechanical design of Europe’s first series produced PEM fuel cell stack. This fuel cell, which is still in production today, is used in several Megawatt scale power plants around the world.

At Elestor, Wiebrand is responsible for the development of the company’s core technology, intellectual property, cost modelling and product planning.

Tel: +31 (0)6 24 421 517

Hylke van Bennekom, COO

With an educational background in Industrial Business and Administration, Hylke joined Tempress Systems in 2007. From various operational roles he had a key position in Tempress’ advancement from a niche player in the semiconductor market to innovative high volume manufacturing in solar and semicon applications. Over time gaining a broad international experience in strategic sourcing, establishing independent production locations in Europe as well as Asia, onboarding of M&A’s as well as an extensive experience in managing change processes within rapidly growing companies.

After obtaining his Master in International Business (MBA) in 2018, Hylke played a key role in the disaggregation and privatization of the divisions within in the Tempress Group, leading to the sales of all divisions as independent companies in 2020.

In April 2021 Hylke van Bennekom joined Elestor to lead the operational transition towards large-scale production, and is also one of the investors (MBI).

Tel: +31 (0)6 23 911 572

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