On 20 August, KIC InnoEnergy Benelux invited all its partners and colleagues for an inspiring community day, followed by dinner and a ceremony on the Belem, a sailing ship at the nautical event ‘SAIL’ in Amsterdam. As well as the usual speaker sessions, some of the attendees were invited to pitch their products. To make sure that everybody tried their very best, KIC InnoEnergy Benelux introduced a challenge trophy for the best pitcher to win. And this first year, the prestigious trophy was seized by our partner ‘Elestor. This venture, which is in the KIC InnoEnergy boostway, develops a very innovative hydrogen-bromine flow battery that can mean a revolution in the world of storage. Congratulations Wiebrand Kout!

We’re already curious which venture or innovation project will win the Benelux challenge cup next year!

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InnoEnergy https://www.innoenergy.com/battery-development-venture-elestor-wins-challenge-cup-for-best-pitch/