Amsterdam, October 25 – On the first day of InnoEnergy’s annual event, The Business Booster, Elestor BV signed an agreement with the company ITMGroup to jointly enter a scale-up program of Elestor’s HBr Flow Battery. Initially another GEN2 pilot system will be installed, followed by a number of expansion steps of 50 kW each, to build a storage system with a power of 400 kW and a capacity of 1 MWh.

The agreement was signed by Mrs. Hester Kuypers, board member of ITMGroup, thereby formally pushing the button for the cooperation to start. Apart from the installation of a large hydrogen bromine flow battery system, the scope of the cooperation includes joint projects with research institutes and/or universities.

“As ITMGroup we have taken several steps to be a sustainable company”, says Mrs. Hester Kuypers. “With the installation of this energy storage system we can store the power our approximately 1800 solar panels deliver. Thanks to this innovation, as a company we can now truly lower our CO2 emissions. We hope this will inspire many companies.”

“We are truly delighted to join forces with ITMGroup, known as a company with a true ‘can do’ mentality. The strategy to adopt and implement innovative technologies is part of the company’s DNA, not only in their core business as high-tech machine developer, but also when it comes to energy management of their facilities worldwide. And this attitude is exactly what the world needs to really make the energy transition happen” commented Elestor’s CEO, Guido Dalessi.


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