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206, 2021

Eerste STEPS-voucher uitgereikt aan Elestor in Arnhem

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Foto: Overhandiging eerste STEPS-voucher door Theo Föllings (rechts), manager Business Development Oost NL, aan Willem-Jan van Dijk, Team Leader System Engineering van Elestor (links). Op vrijdag 28 mei is de eerste STEPS-voucher uitgereikt aan Willem-Jan van Dijk van Elestor BV. Dit Arnhemse bedrijf houdt zich bezig met de ontwikkeling van innovatieve batterijtechnologie op basis van waterstof [...]

2505, 2021

Vopak announces battery storage plans in Q1 results

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Dutch independent tank storage company Royal Vopak has announced an EBITDA for Q1 2021 of €200 million, as well as an agreement with Dutch electricity storage company Elestor to develop a hydrogen bromine flow battery. The EBITDA matches that of Q1 2020, however, Vopak says that adjusted for negative currency translation effect, EBITDA has in [...]

2003, 2021

Elestor wil vleugels geven aan zonne- en windenergie

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20 maart 2020, uit het Financieel dagblad. In De Vonk vertelt wekelijks iemand over een beslissend moment in zijn of haar loopbaan. Deze week: Wiebrand Kout (1977), die een goedkope flowbatterij heeft ontwikkeld voor de opslag van elektriciteit uit zonne- en wind energie. Als tiener maakt Wiebrand Kout zich druk over het gebruik van cfk’s, [...]

1801, 2021

Elestor found the egg of Columbus for the efficient deployment of hydrogen

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"The economic breakthrough lies in using cheap energy that you get from a battery at times when energy from the normal grid is expensive." Writer: Bart Brouwers If anything separates people active in the world of energy storage, it is hydrogen. ‘Ideal’ and ‘necessary’ are heard just as often as ‘too expensive’ and ‘inefficient’. Be [...]

1610, 2020

“Everyone knows by now that we need energy storage, so it’s high time for a national deployment plan”

By |October 16th, 2020|Categories: Elestor in the Press (EN)|Comments Off on “Everyone knows by now that we need energy storage, so it’s high time for a national deployment plan”

Elestor Arnhem is developing a hydrogen bromine flow battery as the cheapest possible energy storage option. Our talk with Guido Dalessi, CEO and one of Elestor‘s early investors, is squeezed in between two important performances. At an online conference in London, he tells the world about the importance of flow batteries for energy storage. Half a [...]

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Enabling Affordable Decarbonization

September 3rd, 2021|0 Comments

ContentsOptions for CO2 free electricity.Natural gas, the benchmarkHydro, tidal, geothermal: location limited.Nuclear, proven but expensive.CO2 capture, not a long-term solution.Why Wind-Solar-Storage will win the market.Wind-Solar-Storage requirements.The [...]

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