With an educational background in Industrial Business and Administration, Hylke joined Tempress Systems in 2007. From various operational roles he had a key position in Tempress’ advancement from a niche player in the semiconductor market to innovative high volume manufacturing in solar and semicon applications. Over time gaining a broad international experience in strategic sourcing, establishing independent production locations in Europe as well as Asia, onboarding of M&A’s as well as an extensive experience in managing change processes within rapidly growing companies.

After obtaining his Master in International Business (MBA) in 2018, Hylke played a key role in the disaggregation and privatization of the divisions within in the Tempress Group, leading to the sales of all divisions as independent companies in 2020.

In April 2021 Hylke van Bennekom joined Elestor to lead the operational transition towards large-scale production, and is also one of the investors (MBI).

T: +31 (0)6 23 911 572
M: hylke.vanbennekom@elestor.nl