Pilot systems

Starting November 2016, Elestor has successfully carried out out a number of pilots in the field, working under real conditions and connected to renewable energy sources and the grid. The purpose of these pilots was twofold:

1) To demonstrate fundamental proper working

Due to the high scalability of the technology, proper fundamental functioning could already be demonstrated on a limited scale. A large system is in fact only ‘more of the same’, but fundamentally not different from a small system: More membrane stacks deliver more power and larger volumes of active materials deliver more capacity.

This gave Elestor the advantage to start field tests on a limited scale, while the results are representative for large systems.

2) To obtain formal approval from the authorities

Already in an early stage the importance was recognized of learning under what conditions Elestor’s HBr storage can be installed in the built environment. Therefore, a second important goal of these pilots was to have these lessons learned, prior to starting the design of larger systems.

Elestor’s systems are 100% self-contained. Nothing goes in our out… except electricity!

Scaling up to 50 kW and multiples thereof

Since early 2018, the first large storage systems are designed, starting at a power of 8 kW, in combination with a large capacity, like 100 or 250 kWh. Such applications, whereby a limited power is combined with a (very) large capacity, can from an economic point of view only be realized with flow battery technology.

The goals of this scaling phase is to design a 50 kW membrane stack, which then forms the standard power module for all Elestor’s storage systems. A 500 kW system, for instance, then consist of 10 each 50 kW modules.

This modular approach has 3 important advantages:

  • Virtually every desired combination of Power [kW] and Capacity [kWh] can be built
  • Elestor only produces 1 power module (50 kW), thereby taking maximum advantage of economy of scale. This further reduces the Levelised Cost of Storage.
  • The user has the benefit of redundancy.

Presently, 5 large-scale systems have been confirmed:

  • Municipality of Emmeloord, the Netherlands
  • PV park Gansenwoirt, Duiven, the Netherlands
  • 2 systems in Germany
  • ITMGroup, Kampen, the Netherlands

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